How to Donate & Contact Us

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Ryan and Jasmine Topham/Image courtesy of FO Photography

Jasmine and Ryan are not financially supported by anyone for this initiative . They run #bundleupyeg in their spare time, outside of work hours, and on their own dime.

All clothing donations are delivered to homeless shelters support organizations across Edmonton. We do our best to spread donations equally amongst organizations. This is a volunteer service and there is no fee for donation pickup or delivery.

How to Donate: (Not applicable until Winter 2017)

  1. Arrange a donation pickup:
    1. Email and arrange a date and time for donations to be picked up.
      • To help streamline the process, when inquiring about a donation pickup, please provide an option of three dates and times for pickup availability. Also, please label each bag with a brief description of items in the bag.
    2. Tweet: @JasmineTopham to schedule a pickup. (Note: Responses will be outside of regular work hours)
    3. You can also use the hashtag #bundleupyeg to reach us or follow our activity throughout the winter.
  2. Drop off your donations for 2017 will be announced in the fall.

What to Donate

  • Winter jackets
  • Toques/hats
  • Gloves/mitts
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Sweaters/hoodies
  • Socks
  • Winter boots
  • Toiletries

Please contact specific homeless shelter or homeless support organization for further information regarding donation needs, location or contact information: Bissell CentreHope Mission, The Mustard Seed (Edmonton chapter), Boyle Street and many more.

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