The #bundleupyeg campaign in an annual winter clothing drive created by Edmontonian Jasmine Topham in 2013.

Background (The Short Version):

Jasmine started this initiative in 2013 as just a small idea at the time. Thanks to generous Edmontonians and supporters like 102.3 Now! Radio, Kingsway Mall and West Edmonton Mall, #bundleupyeg has grown into something bigger and beautiful with more donations being collected each winter.

Background (The Long Version):

The initiative was born on one chilly December evening when temperatures were plummeting well below freezing and Jasmine got to thinking about the homeless population in her city. She decided to put a call out on social media for warm clothing donations from anyone who had them to give, but couldn’t find the time to deliver to shelters.

Using the hashtag #bundleupyeg, Jasmine posted the call for donations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – the response from Edmontonians was overwhelming. In just two weeks, she had collected more than 40 bags of winter clothing donations and delivered them to homeless shelters and support organizations across the City of Edmonton. From there, the initiative began to grow each winter collecting more and more clothing donations.

Jasmine and her team are not financially supported by anyone for this initiative and she runs the #bundleupyeg campaign in her spare time, outside of work hours, and on her own dime.

With the help of her husband Ryan, family members, friends and collaborative partners, Jasmine was able to bring back the campaign in 2014 with the support of 102.3 Now! Radio which generously became an official donation drop-off location. Between October and December 2014, #bundleupyeg more than doubled it’s numbers collecting and delivering 160 bags of warm clothing donations to organizations including Bissell Centre, Hope Mission, Boyle Street Community Services and The Mustard Seed. Read more about the 2014 campaign here.

With such success, Jasmine decided to make this an annual campaign and took it one step further for the winter of 2015. Bringing on more donation drop-off location partners including 102.3 Now! Radio, Kingsway Mall and West Edmonton Mall, the 2015 campaign brought in 170 bags of donations. This brought the total number of #bundleupyeg contributions to 370 bags of clothing collected and delivered since 2013! Read more about how the 2015 campaign went.

For the 2016 campaign, Jasmine and her husband Ryan hoped to bring in a minimum of 130 bags of clothing donations. That goal was far exceeded and in just two months time more than 510 bags of clothing was collected!

This means that that #bundleupyeg has collected and delivered more than 880 bags of warm winter clothing to homeless organizations within the city since 2013.