#BundleUpYEG is a volunteer, annual winter clothing drive initiative for Edmonton homeless shelters and support organizations. The goal of this project is to collect as much warm clothing as possible during the winter months by making the donation process easy.

The #BundleUpYEG team collects warm winter clothing and delivers the items directly to the doors of Edmonton shelters.

The project was initially created in 2013 by Edmontonian Jasmine Topham. In October 2020,  the amazing 102.3 NOW! Radio team took over operations of #BundleUpYEG.

Testimonials from Edmonton homeless shelters

  • Boyle Street Community Services:
    • “This year’s #BundleUpYEG campaign has brought unprecedented support to Boyle Street Community Services in terms of essential winter clothing donations. We have never received so many toques, gloves, winter coats, socks, underwear, etc. in such a short time period than we have the past 6 weeks – we actually had to open up some offsite locations so we could sort through it all, a great problem to have! A large part of this support was no doubt activated by Jasmine and her incredible team of #bundleupyeg volunteers, and is a testament to their commitment to helping those less fortunate in our city.”
  • Bissell Centre
    • “We are so grateful by the efforts from Jasmine and her volunteers from #BundleUpYEG to provide 1,200 bags of much needed warm clothing for people in the inner city. There are hundreds of people who come to Bissell Centre everyday who rely on clothing donations to stay warm during the cold, winter months and excited to see our Community Closet continuously stocked to keep up with the need. A special thanks to the #bundleupyeg team!”
  • Hope Mission:
    • “Clothing and warm winter gear might seem like a simple thing to donate, but for the people we serve at Hope Mission, these items can be life-changing. When you donate clothing, you don’t get to see the impact – but we do. Every day, we get to see your generosity at work.  When you give clothing, you are standing in the gap for people who are struggling in the Edmonton winter. You are putting the jacket around someone’s shaking shoulders. You are kneeling down in front of someone to put clean, fresh socks on their damp feet. You are taking cold, frostbitten hands and warming them with new gloves.  You are loving your neighbour in a tangible way – and we are so grateful.The value of #BundleUpYEG is huge for us. Because there are volunteers willing to pick up and drop off donations directly on our doorstep, more people are able to give – and more people in the inner city can stay warm during Edmonton’s harsh winter weather. We have been blown away by the generosity of Edmonton throughout this campaign. On behalf of everyone we serve who has benefitted from your compassion – thank you.”
  • Mustard Seed, Edmonton chapter:
    • “Thank you to all who donate and promote #BundleUpYEG! Jasmine and her team do an amazing job of communicating and bringing donations to our Mustard Seed Personal Assistance Centre where we serve more than 1,300 people a month! The donations go directly to families and individuals experiencing poverty, so thank you Edmonton for making an impact in their lives!