NOW! Radio Takes Over #BundleUpYEG

By Jasmine Topham, Founder of #BundleUpYEG

Hi friends,

This is the last time I will be coming to you on behalf of #BundleUpYEG. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

It’s with both a heavy and happy heart that I announce permanent changes to the #BundleUpYEG winter clothing drive program. Effective immediately, the amazing team at 102.3 NOW! Radio will permanently operate #BundleUpYEG.

This is great news! Having NOW! Radio take over #BundleUpYEG means that our grassroots clothing drive will continue to live on serving those in need in Edmonton. It also means that I will be stepping away from this beautiful program in order to let it soar to new heights.   


For more than seven amazing years, I’ve had the pleasure of building this program from the ground up. It has truly been a passion project that has filled my heart. However, as the sole operator, donations coordinator, social media manager, graphic designer, web manager, stakeholder liaison and much more, #BundleUpYEG has outgrown me… and that’s an amazing thing! This project continues to expand each year, which simply means it’s reached beyond my personal capacity to continue meeting its growing success.

Last winter, the incredible NOW! team graciously stepped up to give me a hand in operating the 2019 program. Through that experience, it became obvious that they have the same love, care and drive for helping those in need in our city. Between NOW! Radio’s talented team of staff, available resources, wide reach over the airwaves and listener support, it’s clear to me that transferring #BundleUpYEG over to them not only means that this program will survive, but thrive.  


As of today — this moment — I’m leaving #BundleUpYEG in the very capable hands of the 102.3 NOW! Radio team.

There’s no doubt that this is an emotional decision for me. It feels much like what I can only imagine parents feel when sending their children off to college. But I know this transition is for the best — for me, for #BundleUpYEG and for those who this program serves.

I feel truly comforted by the fact that I know #BundleUpYEG will continue
to live on to help those in need in our city.

Thank you to every single person who has supported me and #BundleUpYEG over the past seven years. From our volunteers, collection box hosts, dedicated donors and amazing staff at the Edmonton homeless shelters and support organizations to the folks who donated their time to helping me with graphic design work, collection boxes, storage space, gas cards, media coverage and so much more — thank you for helping build #BundleUpYEG from a small idea to a city-wide movement.

Together, we have provided roughly 37,000 pieces of warm clothing to vulnerable people since the project started in 2013. I am eternally grateful for your love, support, partnership and for believing in me.

I know that this program’s success will only continue under the amazing leadership of the 102.3 NOW! Radio team.

As I look back on how #BundleUpYEG began, I’m reminded of when I approached NOW! Radio as the very first clothing drop-off location. All I had was a cardboard wardrobe box and a big dream.. Even then, they believed in me. I can’t help but see the beauty in that as I prepare to mark the end of my journey with #BundleUpYEG, leaving it in the very capable and caring hands of those who welcomed me in the first place.

Thank you all. It’s my hope that you will continue to support this program for years to come.

Building #BundleUpYEG and working with all of you has been one of the biggest honours of my life. I look forward to watching its continued success in the coming years.

With all the love in my heart,

Jasmine Topham