2019 Changes

By Jasmine Topham, #BundleUpYEG Founder


Hello wonderful #BundleUpYEG supporters! 

Here we are with another winter of collecting and delivering warm clothes to those in need. For those of you who have previously donated to or worked with us, I’m sure you have noticed that our operations are changing this winter — temporarily — as I take some time to figure out the future of #BundleUpYEG and how to best serve Edmonton. 

Following a record-breaking campaign in 2018 where my team of amazing 20 volunteers collected and delivered more than 1,500 bags of warm clothing in just 31 days, it became clear that #BundleUpYEG is not slowing down anytime soon! What began as a small idea seven years ago has since grown into a citywide movement. It’s incredible. I need to take some time to asses how #BundleUpYEG can remain sustainable on such a large scale, continuing to keep up with this city’s generosity for years to come. 

With all this in mind, the team and I are taking a short break from #BundleUpYEG this winter. But thanks to 102.3 Now! Radio, #BundleUpYEG will continue between Monday, October 21 and Wednesday, November 27, just on a different scale.


    • 102.3 Now! Radio Studios will be the hub of #BundleUpYEG this year. We are so grateful for their support in keeping the campaign thriving this winter as my team and I go through a transitional year.
    • Due to all these changes, there will not be door-to-door, business, or residential pickups this winter.
      • This is a major change in our operational structure, however, we hope our eight drop off locations around Edmonton are convenient enough for our donors to find a way to get donations to us. 


To our loyal donors, partners and box hosts, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting #BundleUpYEG and helping some of our city’s most vulnerable people. I’d like to especially thank 102.3 Now! Radio for stepping in to support #BundleUpYEG in such a large way this winter. We have worked together for the past six years but to see such love and support from the entire team to keep #BundleUpYEG thriving is absolutely inspiring.

With all this in mind, let’s dive into another winter of helping keep those in need warm! Please take a look through your closets, spread the words to your friends and rally up as much warm winter clothing as you can to deliver to one of our eight locations across the city.

Edmonton’s most vulnerable people rely heavily on your donations – so let’s do what we do Edmonton. Let’s bundle them up, together.