#BundleupYEG 2018: Community love

Hi friends,

We are back for our sixth season we couldn’t be more excited, or more prepared!

This year we operate from Nov.17 to Dec. 17 and we are aiming to collect 1,300 bags of clothing for Edmonton homeless shelters and support organizations in just 31 days. I know we can do it. You know how I know that? Because Edmonton and the community support is incredible.

SENTINEL STORAGE: Space, locations and pure partnership

This year we have been absolutely showered in love from our community. One of our incredible partners includes SENTINEL STORAGE who has backed us 100 per cent and given so much to our little campaign.

  • They’ve donated a 10×20 storage unit for us to use; AND
  • They’ve offered up every one of its Edmonton locations as collection depots. Not to mention, they’ve also added four of their sister locations as #BundleupYEG drop off locations as well.

Thanks to them, we can streamline how we store, and get donations out to shelters even more quickly. Previous to this year, we’ve been using our personal garage as the donation hub and it’s proved challenging as we continue to grow and expand every year.

From the moment we contacted Sentinel (Memory is a star employee!) to talk about how we could work together, they’ve been kind, generous and incredibly accommodating. We are SO grateful to have them part of our team and help make our processes better and more efficient to serve even more of Edmonton’s vulnerable community members.

SICK PRODUCTIONS: Collection box design and production

Another incredible local partner we have teamed up with this year is Edmonton-based design company, Sick Productions. This father-daughter duo team, Valorie and Bruce, donated their time, design eye and costs to our campaign by designing and producing new collection boxes for some of our collection depot locations!

You guys, these boxes are incredible. In previous years, we’ve used plain old wardrobe boxes, or any cardboard box we could find. For the past few campaigns we’ve tried upping our game by wrapping the boxes in Christmas paper and posting our logos on them, but these new boxes are miles above the league we were in.

They were gracious in the design process, generous in producing as many boxes as they did, and understanding of our message and goals.

We are SO grateful for their services and helping us communicate our message with more people. Thank you Valorie and Bruce!

GAS CARDS: Unite Here! Local 47 fuels our cause

Once again, Unite Here Local 47 has stepped up to provide our volunteer team of 17 people with gas cards to quite literally fuel our trips to pick up donations and deliver them to shelters’ doors.

As a volunteer initiative, we don’t receive funding to do what we do. Gas is BY FAR our biggest expense. By providing gas cards to our team, it truly helps offset one of our biggest costs. We are so grateful for them supporting us in this way for the third year in a row and could never thank them enough.


In addition to the incredible partnerships listed above, #BundleupYEG is endlessly lucky to have a village of community surrounding us to make this happen year after year. From our collection depot partners who open their doors up for an entire month to help us collect clothing, to our team of big-hearted volunteers who takes this on in their spare time and on weekends and of course our gracious donors who step up year after year to provide clothing to those in need, #BundleupYEG takes the entire Edmonton community.


To say we feel honoured to be able to do this for a sixth season is an understatement. For me (Jasmine, Founder of #BundleupYEG) this annual clothing drive has become a part of who I am and I am eternally grateful to every single person so supports us year after year.

Thank you for filling up my heart and for warming up Edmonton’s vulnerable people who so desperately need your clothing.

Lets go have an amazing season.

Love always,

Jasmine Topham

Founder, #bundleupYEG