56 bags in one day brings us to 283 total

By Jasmine Topham (formerly Franklin)

I am truly at a loss for words.

Today we collected 40 bags of clothing from 102.3! Now Radio and 16 bags from the Kingsway Mall donation box bringing us to a total of  283 bags collected since Nov.1 and delivered to local homeless shelters throughout the city.

The donations collected this morning were all delivered straight to Bissell Centre and Hope Mission today by our amazing friend and #bundlebuddy Steve. This was his first time collecting and delivering for #bundleupyeg and we are so grateful for his help in getting all these clothes to folks who need it, especially during this cold snap our city is experiencing.

After the first round of collection and deliveries this morning, we got another call from Now! Radio who had NINE more bags (pictured below) dropped off in the time Steve had delivered the others. My parents Bill and Maria went back to collect the new donations this afternoon. The #NOWFamily is absolutely unreal.

Warning: I’m about to get mushy in this blog post so this is your chance to stop reading.

To say this year’s #bundleupyeg campaign has been mind blowing is an understatement. Aside from the record breaking number of donations we have collected, the support from our community has been unwavering. This year, Edmonton truly scooped us up and embraced us allowing our small team to do bigger and better things.

As much as we talk about numbers, this has always been about helping people in need within our community.

Yesterday (Sunday), Ryan and I delivered roughly 15 bags of clothes to Boyle Street. For some reason, yesterday’s trip was different than the countless others we have done over the years. It made me emotional. Seeing the amount of people in need absolutely broke my heart.  It was not only a huge reminder of why we do #bundleupyeg, but also a reminder of  how fortunate I am to have the resources to operate #bundleupyeg.

I could never truly express how I feel about the love and support my little project has received. Watching it grow this year has been thrilling and also surreal — I remain grateful every single day that our team has the capacity to help others and that Edmonton as a collective has the biggest heart.

With 12 days remaining in this year’s #bundleupyeg campaign, I can’t wait to see what our final numbers will be.

Thank you all.