215 bags in seven weeks!

Posted on Dec. 8 by Jasmine Topham (formerly Frankln)

A lot can change in three days…

As you guys know, we launched this year’s #bundleupyeg campaign on Nov.1 with a mission to collect 130 bags of warm clothing to deliver to homeless shelters throughout the city.  This past Tuesday, (just a little more than one month into the campaign) we surpassed that goal — coming in at 138 bags collected and all delivered to local shelters,  we decided to extend our goal to 200 bags.

Just 72 hours later, we have already broken our 200 bag goal thanks to your generosity and warm donations! As of tonight, and thanks to a wonderful donor named Carolynn, our total is sitting at 215 bags. This is a record-setting number for #bundleupyeg in all four years of our operation.

Your donations save lives

Aside from number tallys and goals broken, all this really translates to is the ability to keep people warm from harsh temperatures like Edmonton is experiencing now. For those of you who might not be aware of the impact your donations make, here is a direct quote from an amazing employee at a local shelter:

“Whether you realize it or not, you are saving lives and making a huge difference.”

In the end, this is why we created #bundleupyeg and your donations truly do matter.

#bundleupyeg by the numbers (so far):

  • Since Nov.1, #bundleupyeg has collected 215 bags of clothing and delivered 196 of those bags. The remaining bags will be delivered this weekend.
  • With an average of 10 clothing items per bag, that is an estimated 2,150 pieces of clothing for homeless shelters in just seven weeks.
  • Since Monday (Dec.4) alone, we have collected and delivered 85 bags of clothing to local homeless shelters.
  • 93 bags of the total 215 have come from drop offs to the 102.3 Now! Radio donation box.
  • The #bundleupyeg team consists of four people doing the collections and deliveries: myself, Ryan, and my parents Bill and Maria Franklin

How to donate

Please check out our How to Donate page on the website. But as a quick reminder, we are collecting until Christmas Day. If you’d like to arrange a time for us to pickup your donations, please email bundleupyeg@gmail.com and provide your address as well as three options for a pickup date and time.

Thank you all so much! We are so happy to be able to help keep those in need in our communities warm. We look forward to what the remaining two weeks of #bundleupyeg brings!