53 students knit 102 hats for #bundleupyeg

By Jasmine Topham (Franklin)

Thanks to the hard work of 53 Grade 6 students, more than 100 Edmontonians in need will have a hat to keep them warm this winter.

On Nov.1 (the day #bundleupyeg 2016 launched), I was contacted by Robin Kinasevich, a Grade 6 teacher at Bisset School in Edmonton, about a class project that could go hand-in-hand with #bundleupyeg.

A few years ago, Robin decided it was time to teach her students the importance of giving in a way that would personally resonate with the kids. Buying supplies out of her own pocket, she taught her grade sixes how to knit toques using looms – once their toques were completed, they personally delivered them to local homeless shelters so the kids could see firsthand the impact they were making on their community. In their first year, her class knitted more than 100 toques.

“It was awesome to see the students’ pride and joy as they handed over their items to these charities,” says Robin. “Through this project, they are puting in the effort and work to help others and making greater connections that hopefully will help them continue to participate in later years.”

Knitting these toques has become a Bisset School tradition and this year we were lucky enough that this year, the school decided to donate their knitted toques to #bundleupyeg!

Jasmine Topham, founder of #bundleupyeg, accepts 102 toques knitted by the Grade 6 students of Bisset School. The toques will be delivered to Bissell Centre on Monday, Dec.5.

Working with Robin, we arranged for me to come pick up the toques and also chat with the students about #bundleupyeg and the importance of volunteering, helping others and always showing kindness.

For more than half an hour we chatted about how #bundleupyeg came to be and I reinforced to them that #bundleupyeg is a testament of what can come from a small idea.

Because of them, 102 people will be able to keep their head and ears warm this winter.

Some of the toques knitted for #bundleupyeg by the Grade 6 students of Bisset School. In total, they knitted and donated 102 hats!

I am blown away by the students’ commitment and compassion, and also that of their teachers and their school. It’s clear that Bisset School works hard to make their students a part of their community and teach them the importance of giving.

I am so grateful for Robin, Bisset School and their incredible students for including #bundleupyeg in this amazing project. Some of the students even helped me learn how to knit with a loom and they sent me home with the beginning of a toque! I can’t wait to finish it.

All of the beautiful toques they knitted will be delivered to Bissell Centre tomorrow to get to those in need before our cold snap begins this week.

We continue to collect and donate warm winter clothing until Dec. 25!

All our love.

Jasmine and Ryan.