2016 campaign: Nov.1 to Christmas Day

By Jasmine Topham (Franklin)

Hello everyone,

We’re back!!

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Ryan and Jasmine loading up warm clothing donations for delivery to a local homeless shelter/Image Courtesy of FO Photography.

I’m so happy to announce this year’s #bundleupyeg campaign is back for our fourth season! I can’t believe we are already going onto four years of this project that started as just a small idea in our dining room.

So what is #bundleupyeg? Since 2013, my husband Ryan and I have been collecting warm winter clothing donations and delivering them to local homeless shelters and support organizations within Edmonton. What makes this different than other clothing drives? Well, we want to make donating easy, so, we will personally pick up your donations and deliver them to various local homeless shelters — free of charge.

Campaign Dates & Goal:

This year’s campaign will run from Nov.1 until Christmas Day, 2016. Our goal is to collect and deliver a minimum of 130 bags to homeless shelters and support organizations throughout Edmonton. If we reach this goal, we will have succeeded in collection a total of 500 bags of clothing in the past four seasons.

There’s a number of ways to donate your warm winter clothing through #bundleupyeg:

  1. You can arrange a time for us to come and pick it up, for free (and outside of regular working hours);
    • Please see information below on how to do this.
  2. You can drop it off at one of our amazing drop-off locations; or,
  3. You can bring your clothes to events we are participating in this winter.

For more information and details on any of these methods, please click here.

What’s new this year?

  • Well, we finally have an Instagram account! You can follow our journey through photos for the next eight weeks here.
  • If you do want us to pick up your donations, please provide three potential dates and times. This will help streamline the correspondence and make it easier!
  • If possible, we’re asking each donation bag be labelled to identify what is inside the bags. This will help shelters who are in need for specific items to get to them faster. For example, a simple “socks, sweaters” label will work just fine.
  • We are welcoming Blitz Conditioning, one of Edmonton’s top personal training facilities, on board as  drop off location this year! This will also be our third year partnering with 102.3 Now! Radio and our second year with Kingsway Mall. Ryan and I are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with these generous organizations who give us nothing but support. Thank you!
  • We got new photos! I realize most people may not be very excited about this, but we certainly are! Thanks to the generosity of local photographers Funmi & Adrian Omotade-Tan of FO Photography, we have some awesome new photos this year. Check them out.

Thank you for all of your continued support. Ryan and I can’t wait for another amazing year with #bundleupyeg. We look forward to hearing from you!