Thank you, 102.3 Now! Radio. We’re at 125 bags!

Today, Monday, Dec. 14, was the last day for our #bundleupyeg donation box at 102.3 Now! Radio studios.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Now! Radio and their awesome team for the second year in a row for #bundleupyeg. This year, their donation box helped us collect dozens of bags/boxes of warm clothing donations that went directly to homeless shelters and support organizations throughout Edmonton.

They’ve been a big part of #bundleupyeg and have supported me immensely, both on social media and on air, since I began this journey. Thank you Now! You’re the best.


Today I picked up the donation box from the station which contained 11 bags of clothing (and a box of Pringles, a baby gate, and some books!) that will be donated to the Bissell Centre.

That means #bundleupyeg is now at an official total of 125 bags/boxes of clothing donations both collected and delivered since October!

I only 75 more bags before I reach my goal of 200 bags before the end of December.

All donations are driven directly to homeless shelters and support organizations throughout Edmonton to help those in need in our city.

If you have donations, please get in touch to arrange a pickup time and day.

Thank you!