You donate. We deliver.


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The #bundleupyeg campaign is a grassroots winter project to collect new and/or gently used winter clothing donations for homeless shelters and homeless support organizations across Edmonton.

The goal of #bundleupyeg is to make donating easy. It’s simple: you pack the donations, and Jasmine Topham and her husband Ryan Topham will pick them up, free of charge.

For many people, the challenge in donating is being able to find the time. That’s where Jasmine and Ryan come in with #bundleupyeg. Since 2013, the couple has been utilizing social media to collect warm winter clothing donations from Edmontonians and personally deliver those donations to various local homeless shelters and support organizations, free of charge.

The 2016 campaign brought in a record-breaking 510 bags of clothing! This brings #bundleupyeg’s total contribution to a whopping 880 bags of warm winter clothing donated to homeless organizations within the city since 2013.

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported us! We are floored by your generosity. We will be back in winter 2017. Until then, you can check out our blog for more information on how the 2016 campaign went.

Stay warm!